Dreamed, conceived and realised in Italy 

Le Bohémien

Have you ever had the desire to wear unique and comfortable shoes like slippers?

The Bohémien reflects these characteristics perfectly!
Real leather shoes with rubber soles: soft, flexible and light.

So spectacular that they could only be MADE IN ITALY.
As is internationally known, Italian craftsmen are among the most famous masters in the shoemaking industry.

With their art of ‘getting their hands dirty’ they make wonderful pieces.

lavorazione artigianale della scarpa in pelle made in Italy

Le Bohémien’s line of shoes has certainly stood out for its character and beauty; think of it: each shoe is brushed by hand one at a time!
With an industrial flavour, each product is desired by women and men equally.

Each model is customised by Serena with the brand’s creative director choosing:

  • Colour matching
  • The
  • forma e altezza del tacco
  • forma della suola

Ogni stagione vi proponiamo una collezione esclusiva e speciale.
Cosa ti aspetti dalla collezione primavera/estate 2021?


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