I draw my shoes in my dreams.


Refined and elegant design with a retro feel.

ballerina donna di Kate Libertine, colore giallo , fascia contrasto bianca. Vera pelle

Crafted by experienced Italian artisans who offer Serena the possibility to customise each product to represent the essence of our style.

To create exclusive designs, we combine leather type, colour, toe shape, heel height and shape.

We like to think of these shoes as the perfect combination of smart and casual.
You can wear them with fleece palazzo trousers or slim-fit trousers.
Also perfect with a tunic, long dress or skirt.

ballerina donna di Kate Libertine. colore rosso. vera pelle made in ItalyThe certain thing? They make every look sophisticated and refined!

The extremely soft MADE IN ITALY leather makes them super comfortable.
You may already know it but we prefer to specify it: the whole line is made of real leather!

You can find different models to suit your tastes and needs, no ballerina is classic or obvious; they all have shapes and details that make them truly jewels of Italian craftsmanship.

Designed and tailored for every woman!
We are sure that each of you can find your own “KATE LIBERTINE”.




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