Dettagli di Capogiro was born from Serena’s need, a creative and courageous entrepreneur, to approach the experience of selling with a new sensitivity and empathy.
It is not easy to describe Dettagli in a nutshell because her project was conceived and created on the basis of a series of values that make it unique and distinctive. We could define our shop as a “low-cost boutique” selling garments designed and chosen personally by Serena in collaboration with Italian and international artisans and workshops, but this definition is reductive because there is a lot more to our shop.
The fashion we love is the one that thinks of itself as an expression of being, the entrepreneurship we love is the one that puts customers at the centre, and welcomes them into the shop as if they were at home.

Our aim is to enhance the personality of our customers through the clothes they wear, searching for original, comfortable, quality materials and accessories at reasonable prices. Dettagli di Capogiro was created to satisfy the customer in terms of both style and a deeper sense of well-being.
Every garment and every accessory has a story that distinguishes it, our shop is a real-world of small “details” that make it unique and inimitable (the name chosen for the shop is indicative in this sense, “Dettagli” means details in Italian): here you can find the cashmere jumper produced by a Nepalese craftswoman, the vintage leather bag produced by Italian craftsmen, shoes that have been designed and customised for us in collaboration with small craftsmen and much, much more.

At the centre of everything is always the search for details: from the fabrics (with particular attention to natural fibres) to the models, designed and studied to satisfy our customers and make them feel at ease and valued: in fact, our shop offers customers a wide variety of clothes with suitable fits for both the slimmest and most generous physiques to enhance every body in a unique and original way.
A strong point for Dettagli is the continuous collaboration with professional artisans that allows the shop to evolve and grow, enriching itself with new knowledge, and to create exclusive lines that meet the taste of our customers. It is thanks to this continuous creative exchange that Dettagli is always able to be dynamic and never predictable.










In parallel with these collaborations, our business has launched an independent production line and its own brand, aimed at providing a clear image of its essence: a shop whose style does not passively ride the latest fashion trends, but rather integrates them with in-depth research into its customers and their needs.
We would like to tell you the story of our shop, from the first steps to this online shop, because we are sure that this will make you appreciate our company even more. To get to what you see and love today we have travelled through many different eras, and we like to think that Details is the fruit of the interweaving of many stories and people…
So much time has passed since 20 September 1986, the day when Mrs Liana, mother of four, set up her first stall, driven by the need but also the pleasure of selling items that would be “good for the heart”, such as music boxes, a childhood memory.
The small business took off thanks to the help of her children and their desire to help their own family. The experience ‘of the street’ was a school of living and a first approach to what, at the time unconsciously, would become our world: commerce.
A ‘for rent’ sign referring to a tiny shop in Via Mascari, in Lecco, started the first Capogiro, where bijoux and gadgets (a term still unknown at the time) were sold.
In 2001 Capogiro expanded but remained in the same street from which it started and gradually became a real meeting spot and reference point for young people gravitating around the province. Its development continued over the years until – when Serena joined the company – the shop changed its skin, absorbing her style and passion for fashion, and introducing more predominantly clothing and footwear items.
From the very small shop of 9 square metres to the 52 square metre shop, to the current premises in Capogiro of around 160 square metres, no location has been abandoned, each one has been preserved throughout the process that has allowed the company to grow slowly, keeping its feet on the ground and never risking missteps. It was during one of these expansions that Sirabà was born, from Serena’s passion for culture and ethnic clothing. Sirabà means ‘the great road’ in one of the idioms of Burkina Faso.
But let’s get to Dettagli di Capogiro: the shop takes shape in 2015 with the opening of the “women’s” outlet, for the first time in the history of the activity, the shop was located in the heart of Lecco, specifically in Via Roma. In line with the development of “mother Capogiro”, Dettagli grew slowly, starting from a small shop of 30 square metres and arriving after just over two years to triple its size in order to satisfy the countless requests of its loyal customers who had come to know and love it.

In fact, in a short time, the shop has become a reference point for all those people who seek their own style in the unconventional details that distinguish us. Dettagli has opened up to the men’s world by opening the men’s shop next to the women’s one. Once again, the decision to keep the two shops next to each other was not by chance: Serena’s intention was to create a sort of “double-door wardrobe” in the centre of Lecco, an enlarged version of the wardrobe that is in each of our homes.
With the opening of the Men’s shop, Dettagli has become a complete brand. As with the Women’s line, the Men’s line is also characterised by a very specific style, never predictable, original and personal, capable of enhancing different physicalities and personalities.
The story of Capogiro and Dettagli – as you may have read – is one of continuous change, evolution and growth, whose first objective is to create something new, unique. Something that can maintain a “human” and personal imprint that stands out from the seriality of the large scale production chains. But if our aim has always been to communicate with our customers, to satisfy them and reach them “at home”, then opening an online shop seemed like the natural development of our path, which is rooted in the territory but aims to reach everyone who identifies with our values.


For us, customer focus is essential, whether you are in the shop or through the screen.
We want to create a bond with you that goes beyond distance, establishing a relationship of trust and advising you, to help you find what you are looking for.
Here are some of the comments we read on our social media from our customers: the most important part of our shop!

“You are very kind and always helpful! I exchanged the teddy for a beautiful coat and always found kind feedback from you! ❤”️

“What can I say? The energy you transmit is UNIQUE, you are extraordinary, I follow you with love and great esteem! I wish you with all my ❤️ the success you deserve. A hug?”

“I wanted to thank you so much. Everything is wonderful as usual. I’ve been shopping with you for 4 years now and have never been disappointed!!!! The sleeve is fabulous! Thanks again! A heartfelt thank you especially to Serena who designs these beautiful garments.”

“Hi…The package has arrived and everything is great! Both the jumper and the patchwork dress are perfect!!! Thanks again for everything ☺️☺️”

“Hi! I would like to tell you that the backpack has arrived and it’s beautiful! Thank you very much!!!”

“Thank you very much for the willingness to help and the soap that came with the sweater….Really good service”

“Good morning dear! The bag has arrived and it’s wonderful. Thank you for ❤”

“Thank you for the wonderful shoes and the home delivery!???”

“Everything is perfect! Super as always. Thank you.”

” Everything is great. I wanted to thank you. I forgot to say that I liked everything and also the Dettagli of Soap. Very nice. Thank you” (SPAIN)

“Thank you very much for the great service and helpfulness”.

“Shoes arrived!!! Amazing, thank you very much.”

“You have great looks! Congratulations on the good taste, I always like everything!”

“Hello? shoes arrived and worn. Everything is perfect, thanks for the soap. See you soon!”

“You have been very kind? Thank you for the soap as a gift.”